Crochet a t-shirt yarn heart- Free pattern


Hello world!

The last months I´m crocheting a lot with t-shirt yarns making baskets, hearts (as you see), I even made a carpet for my living room.  At this post I´m showing you a super-easy pattern to create chunky hearts of fabric yarns. I decorated my Christmas brunches with them (I don´t have a tree, I never had to be honest), but you can use them as you wish or imagine.

Let´s start:


  1.  Fabric yarn
  2. Crochet hook 12mm (the number may verify depending on the yarn). That because some yarns are thinner than others or more elastic and you may need smaller hook. The hearts of the photo above are from 3 different types of yarns. The gray is not elastic at all and it is very chunky. The yellow mustard is also chunky but more elastic. And the blue is thin and elastic. To avoid using a different number of hooks I crocheted the chunky fabrics as they are, although they have a small  difference at the size but that difference is not that obvious. If I crocheted the blue yarn with the 12mm hook as it is the heart would be more loosen and it would look rare, that´s why I found a trick! The trick is to crochet using two yarns of the blue fabric. That way the yarn becomes more chunky and it´s not that elastic. As you see, despite the trick the heart at the end became smaller than the others, but at least it is “steady” like the other two.
  3. Scissors


Pattern and photo tutorial: 

With the hook and the yarn chain 2 and slst at the first chain to form a ring.


Row 1: Chain 1 and make 11 sc in the ring.


Row 2: Chain 1 and turn. Now make 2dc in the next stitch and 1dc in the next one.


1 sc in the next and 2sc in the next stitch!


1 dc in the next stitch! Now you have formed the half of your heart.


2 sc in the next stitch and one to next.


1dc in the next stitch, 2dc in the next one, sc in the next and close with a slst in the last stitch!


Fasten off. If you wish let some more yarn so you can make a knot with it to hang your heart wherever you want!


Make as many as you wish.


Your hearts can decorate any part of your house. Also can be a great idea for your Christmas tree… or just hang it on your wardrobe door!


Thanks for stopping by!


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