Puff stitch sweater on the go!!!



Welcome one more time to Paso a Paso Crafts!

Ok, I admit this picture was taken mostly for my new fab nail art, but look how great I combined them with the hook!!! This textured crocheted project is going to be a mustard cotton sweater with long sleeves and many pop corn stitches!! Continue reading


Cactus Cushion Cover Crochet Pattern !!!


Isn´t it PERFECT?
I looooove it!

I passed the last 5 days preparing this pattern and finally yesterday, late at night, I published it at my Etsy shop, Ravelry and Craftsy! It has it all: colour chart, row by row Continue reading

New Tapestry Crochet PATTERN almost ready!


This Cactus cushion cover PATTERN is on the go!

Everyone that knows me knows that I looove cactus, succulents and herb plants, so it was about time to add to my home decoration something like that.

The biggest part of this cactus cushion pattern is ready! Only missing some details and in the next few days it will be ready for purchase at my Etsy shop, Ravelry and Craftsy perfil!

If you too like cactus and crochet just stay tuned!

Hasta luego!!!!


Crochet vacation!


Some days ago I visited Berlin, and even I prefer Mediterranean cities, I found Berlin a really interesting travel destination and had a great time enjoying it´s alternative atmosphere!

I had my staff organized in my crochet bags and I crocheted my first halter crop top during my flights. It´s gonna be a top crocheted in 3 different countries! I´ll post a photo of this crop top soon!

If you are interested in the pattern of the Wayuu Arrow side bag of the above photo please visit my Etsy shop! Continue reading

Pattern upgrade!!!


I finally upgraded the pattern of this moroccan crocheted black and white clutch bag pattern!

At a previous post I uploaded a similar bag, but as I told you something was missing. A first thought, was to Continue reading

Moroccan style side bag PATTERN on the way!!!


New crochet side bag pattern on the way!

I fall in love with this pattern literally! So far looks sooo good! Can’t wait to finish it!

Next step after finishing it, is to make the pdf file with the pattern and upload it at the Etsy shop of Paso a  Paso Crafts!!! Continue reading

Morrocan clutch pattern on the go!!!


Hello world!

I´m designing lately a Morrocan clutch bag inspired by a wall decoration, that captured my eyes some weeks ago, while visiting the palaces and gardens of the Alhabra at Granada, Spain. ↓↓↓↓↓watch below photo↓↓↓↓↓ Continue reading