YouTube Channel!

Hello world!

At a previous post I mentioned about creating a YouTube channel with nail tutorials and HERE IT IS!!!! It´s brand new and it only has one video uploaded, but it´s true and I love it. Take a look if you want, all you have to do is just click on the video above! My first tutorial is about the nail art of the photo I showed you some weeks ago! It took me really a lot of time to find a good video editor (still looking for the perfect one), but I like the result a lot!

One more video is coming soon so stay tuned!



Featured by Guidecentral


Some days ago I gave an interview at Guidecentral  and yesterday they published a post  telling my craft story!

The last 9 months I´m a Guidecentral Maker. That means that I publish my crafts not only here, but also at this DIY site as I have a profile there and it´s really a pleasure been part of that craft community. Guidecentral is a craft site where  everyone can discover new craft ideas and can also become a Maker and share his step by step guides.

Guidecentral publishes at it´s blog every Monday  a post with the title Happy Maker Monday where they feature a Maker telling his craft story. This Monday I am the featured Maker and I´m so happy…! Take a look at this post and learn more about the person behind Paso a Paso Crafts!  Continue reading

Our Etsy crochet pattern shop is ready!


Some days ago I uploaded the first item in Paso a Paso Crafts brand new ETSY shop and I´m so proud of the work behind this first step! Soon enough our Etsy shop will be fool of new and unique crochet patterns and items ready to purchase and we start this step with a modern baby blanket pattern . The name of this item is “Royal baby blanket pattern”.  Continue reading

Hello world!


Hello everyone!!

I´m Maria and i´m a craft lover. I was born in Greece 29 years ago and i recently moved in Spain! I like doing a little bit of everything such as crocheting, knitting, nail art_ing, crafting, traveling, learning foreign languages and now blogging!!!

I have the bad habit of letting almost everything i do or like unfinished and that´s exactly why i created this blog. Not only i´m gonna finish my projects but i´m also gonna show you step by step the exact process, so you can enjoy it better or even do it by yourself if you like it so much.

If you are interested, feel free to ask me questions. I’d be glad to discuss with you. Thanks for stopping by.

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