Crochet bikini tops all over my head!


I’ve got so much work to do lately. My regular job, my clean house obsession, video editing, new summer projects, etc! This is a new bikini top I’m crocheting lately. It needs a little more work at the details! 😊

Raglan crop top – Crochet free pattern


I bought the Raglan Crop Top at my London trip thinking that I would wear it.. Hahaha nooooo! One month before summer and the weather here is still wintery, at least for a Mediterranean girl like me!

The free pattern tutorial is at the Paso a Paso Crafts YouTube channel as always!


The Lolita Bikini Top – Free Pattern Tutorial

FotoJet Design

Hello everyone! I know, I disappeared again…..!

The new YouTube Channel is consuming all my time and energy, but it totally worth it. It´s such a satisfying procedure and so nerve wracking at the same time!

I have as a total 5 videos at the channel till now and I´m preparing one more to be ready till the end of this week!

This post is for the Lolita Wrap Around Bikini Top! You can find it´s step by step pattern HERE! Beginner friendly and soooo cute!

Enjoy! Continue reading

Free Crochet Pattern Tutorial! The shell Halter Top!


Here You have the free crochet pattern video tutorial of the gorgeous halter top of the photo!

I have just created a YouTube Channel, where I am going to publish for free all my new patterns, so if you wish to see more please subscribe. One more video is on the go and will be ready till next Monday. Those who Continue reading

Free Crochet Halter Top Pattern and new YouTube Channel coming soon!


The last time I wrote something here was a long time ago and not because I forgot about the blog or I was too bored to write a few words, but because I am working lately hard to create a new channel on YouTube. I already have one channel with nail art tutorials as I´ve told you before, but as much as I love nails, I also love to crochet and create new crochet patterns, so I thought yeah why not?!

Free crochet step by step patterns for everyone in this new channel that will be ready the next few days (don´t worry, i´ll write again when everything is ready here and at all my social media)!

The very first video of the new channel will be about the gorgeous halter top at the above photo, so stay tuned and wish me luck!!!




To crochet or to Nail Art? That is the question.

photoshop nails.jpg

New Video at my YouTube Channel!

At this point I want to tell you that I´m not done with my crochet work. My last posts are about nails, because I have just created a Nail Art  YouTube Channel and I had to dedicate most of my time making my first steps at this direction!

For all the nail art addicted  out there you can enjoy my videos here or you can follow me on Instagram or Facebook and see photos of my designs there.

For all the crocheters, I have something reeeally interesting coming for you soon. For those who follow me on Instagram or Facebook you have already seen the new bobble sweater pattern I´m making for all of you. The pattern is not ready yet, because I need to make some changes to the original sweater (see photo below). I´m too close, but at the same time too far…! I will post again when it will be ready for purchase and perfectly written!

Thanks for stopping by!


YouTube Channel!

Hello world!

At a previous post I mentioned about creating a YouTube channel with nail tutorials and HERE IT IS!!!! It´s brand new and it only has one video uploaded, but it´s true and I love it. Take a look if you want, all you have to do is just click on the video above! My first tutorial is about the nail art of the photo I showed you some weeks ago! It took me really a lot of time to find a good video editor (still looking for the perfect one), but I like the result a lot!

One more video is coming soon so stay tuned!


Puff stitch sweater on the go!!!



Welcome one more time to Paso a Paso Crafts!

Ok, I admit this picture was taken mostly for my new fab nail art, but look how great I combined them with the hook!!! This textured crocheted project is going to be a mustard cotton sweater with long sleeves and many pop corn stitches!! Continue reading

Cactus Cushion Cover Crochet Pattern !!!


Isn´t it PERFECT?
I looooove it!

I passed the last 5 days preparing this pattern and finally yesterday, late at night, I published it at my Etsy shop, Ravelry and Craftsy! It has it all: colour chart, row by row Continue reading

New Tapestry Crochet PATTERN almost ready!


This Cactus cushion cover PATTERN is on the go!

Everyone that knows me knows that I looove cactus, succulents and herb plants, so it was about time to add to my home decoration something like that.

The biggest part of this cactus cushion pattern is ready! Only missing some details and in the next few days it will be ready for purchase at my Etsy shop, Ravelry and Craftsy perfil!

If you too like cactus and crochet just stay tuned!

Hasta luego!!!!