Crochet Crop Top_Free Pattern


As you’ve seen a lot of times before at this blog, I´m out of season again! The weather is much cooler lately, at least here in Spain, so everyone is starting crocheting cotton cardigans or cowls, but noooo not me! Wrapped with my throw blanket I´m finally crocheting the crop top, that was supposed to be ready mmmmm a year ago!

If you are also an out of season crocheter like me, you can find this reeealy simple and cute crop top pattern at the blog page of SusiMiu! It is written in Spanish, but it includes a diagram for the main design till row 19 and the straps. For the rest of it, with the help of Google Translate, it won´t be difficult to complete. Of course, if I can help, I´ll be here as always.

Thanks for stopping by!


hello. (1).png




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