Modern French Gel Nails – Manicura24 gel review


Hello to all nail and crochet addicts like me!

Yesterday I passed 3 whole hours of my life upgrading my gel nails and that´s the result! So bling bling, aren´t they?  At first, I just wanted to take care of my cuticles, but who am I kidding?… once I start I just can´t stop. If you wish to see more of my nail addiction just follow the profile of Paso a Paso Nails at Facebook or Instagram

It´s a complete gel refill on my natural nails and the brand I used is Manicura24 (Spanish online brand). It´s the second time I use that brand and I must admit that I totally loved it. If you prep your nails correctly and apply the product nicely (not touch the cuticles, etc) you can have perfect nails without chipping or lifting for more than 2 weeks! The quality of the product is really good and it´s price is more than competitive.  The first time I tried it,  I made some serious mistakes and I thought it was the brands fault, but noooo, it was mine. The main two faults were that, I touched my cuticle area (that happened because I had to build one nail and bake it to led or uv light before continuing to the next one, otherwise the builder gel flows to the cuticles while working the other nails…..) and I didn´t apply enough builder gel amount at the free edge of my nails (that made them chip easily). So, after some Internet research I found what I did wrong and tried once more with huge success this time!

I used the transparent builder gel to “build” my nail, two coats of the pink french soak-off gel, designed the white details with the x-white soak-off gel, one more application of the transparent builder gel and top coat finish gel to make them shine! As you can see the procedure is long. That´s because the pink and white gels are soak-off gels and not builder gels (with the builder pink and white gels the procedure is quicker). If you want to see a video of that procedure click here! It´s in Spanish but you won´t need translation as the image is very clear and easy to understand what she is doing. To be honest, I don´t like that much the final result of the video, because the nail is flat and I personally prefer the effect of a nice natural C curve. I ´m sure I can make it better and that´s why I´m planning to upload a step by step video of the same procedure soon!!! Blogger and youtuber? I don´t know if I can handle it.

At my local nail supply store I found some builder gels of the brand NailPerfect Professional Systems and I´m thinking of trying that out if they can be cured to my LED lamp.

Feel free to comment what gel brand you prefer or if you like the design of my nails! More photos below…. ENJOY!




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