Barefoot Sandals !!! Part 1

BeFunky Collage1

Hello everyone!

Some weeks ago I had a custom order to crochet 12 different and one of a kind barefoot sandals. The most amazing part of that story is that those wonderful barefoot sandals are a gift from a mother to her daughter and her girlfriends for her bachelor party! Such a thoughtful and special idea!

At this post I´m gonna show 4 for the 12 sandals (the rest are coming soon)! The crochet pattern is the same for all of those 4 designs  but they look so different one from the other because of the distinct color combinations and the added decorative details!

Let´s see them separately:

Design number 1:



Design number 2: 



Design number 3: 



Design number 4: 



Stay tuned as 8 unique barefoot sandals are coming soon!

Hasta luego!




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