DIY clay jewelry display dishes


As the title says at this post I´m gonna show you how to create clay dishes to organize your jewelry. But after making not one but six clay dishes, I discovered that you can use them not only as a jewelry display, but also as a key holder, a decorative bowl, a candle holder, etc. I past a whole day playing with the clay dough, the stencils and the color combinations and I must admit it was one of the most stress-relieving process I´ve ever had!!

Let´s start!



  • Air Dry White Clay
  • Acrylic Paints
  • Rolling Pin
  • Bowls Of Any Shape Or Size
  • Knife
  • Paint Brush
  • Decorative Items: Lace, Glitter, Jewelry, Stencils, Etc


Step 1: Cut a medium amount of the white air dry clay and knead with your hands until it’s soft. Roll with rolling pin until it’s flat and 1/2 cm thick.


Step 2: Place a bowl upside down on the clay and cut with the knife around the edges.


Step 3: Remove the bowl and press your stencils, jewelry, lace, etc, carefully into it. There are no limitations to what you can use at this step. As you see in the photo, I used a key stencil and a chain to decorate my plate!


Step 4: Remove any stamps you used at the previous step and put the clay into the bowl to take its form. Don´t worry if you see cracks emerge, as you can smooth them out by dipping you fingers in water and pressing a little with circular motions over the cracked spot. Put the bowl with the clay aside overnight to harden.


Step 5: When the clay is completely dry, remove it from the bowl and use acrylic paints to paint it. In this photo, I used gold paint for an elegant look.


Step 6: This step is optional. You can spray your plate with a transparent acrylic spray to make it more durable and also to protect the acrylic paint you added earlier.


It´s the perfect solution if you want to organize small items like rings or earrings!


Personalize them if you want by adding a letter or even a date.



Happy crafting!


Thanks for stopping by!





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