Our Etsy crochet pattern shop is ready!


Some days ago I uploaded the first item in Paso a Paso Crafts brand new ETSY shop and I´m so proud of the work behind this first step! Soon enough our Etsy shop will be fool of new and unique crochet patterns and items ready to purchase and we start this step with a modern baby blanket pattern . The name of this item is “Royal baby blanket pattern”. 

This pattern has as a main symbol the “fleur de lis” or the “flower of the lily”. Traditionally, it has been used to represent French royalty, and it is said to signify perfection, light, and life, which makes it the perfect choice for a newborn or baby crocheted blanket!


You can choose to read this pattern with the help of the graph, having in mind that each square equals one crochet stitch, or by using the row by row written instructions, that is all counted out for you.

– Measurements: Aprox. Width 29,5″ (75cm) x Height 34″ (87cm)

– Skill level: Easy
To crochet this baby blanket you need to know how to:
_Make single crochet stitches
_Read color graph chart OR follow written instructions
_Tapestry crochet

– Materials:
* DK weight cotton (or cotton blend) yarn of Light grey color: 11 skeins x 50gr (≈ 1155 m or 1265 yards)
*DK weight cotton (or cotton blend) yarn of Dark grey color: 1 skein x 50gr (≈ 105 m or 115 yards)
*Crochet hook G-6 (4mm)
*Scissors and yarn needle to cut and wave the ends.

_______By purchasing this PDF pattern you will receive:______

♥ A color graph (You can print the color graph in one page or you can print the graph divided in 4 pages and tape them together, if you find it difficult to read the squares.)
♥ Row by row written instructions
♥ Gauge
♥ Measurements
♥ Skill level
♥ Abbreviations
♥ Materials
♥ Care instructions
♥ Notes
♥ Contact information


A wonderful trip just started and that´s why I created a new category here at this blog with the title “Etsy shop items”. At this category you can find all the items ready for sale of the shop and take a look at them. 

Thanks for stopping by!



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