Hot glue bottle decoration


Gold and white is definitely the most elegant color combination for house decoration. Glass bottles on the other hand is my favorite recycling choice. Those two together were the inspiration to make those two beer bottles part of my home decoration during Christmas and as I liked it so much, they are still making my living room a little more beautiful!


  1. two glass bottles
  2. white and gold spray paint
  3. white glue
  4. silver and gold glitter
  5. brush
  6. ho glue gun and tubes



Step 1: With the hot glue gun and the glue tubes, take the first glass bottle and make vertical hot glue drops at the top the glass leaving a small space between them.


When the bottle starts getting wider, keep making dots, but now joining each pair of the vertical dots at the middle.


Keep dotting vertically till the middle of the bottle.


Make two rows of horizontal dots and you’re done with the hot glue.


For the second bottle choose a different hot glue design! I spread some dots at the top and same more at the middle making circles. as you see at the photo below when they drythey look like small pearls.


Step 2: Paint the first bottle with white spray paint and the second with gold and let them dry completely.


Step 3: Now mix some silver and gold glitter. With the brush, spread some white glue at the part of the glass that doesn’t have any dots and glue the glitter over it.


Your bottles are ready to decorate any part of your house!

At first, I thought of putting them at my bedside table…


When I realized how perfect they look on the floor…


Thanks for stopping by!!!

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