DIY hot glue snowflakes for Christmas decoration


Let me tell you something…… I don´t like Christmas. Yes I know, it is like saying you don´t like ice cream, but that´s how things are. Even though Christmas spirit doesn´t “touch” my heart, I must admit that I love snowflakes or simple and elegant white and gold decorations. That´s why I chose this post to be the first one having a Christmas theme.

Let´s see how we can make hot glue snowflakes for our Christmas decoration!


  1. hot glue gun and tubes
  2. spray paint or nail polish lacquer if you wish to paint them
  3. glitter
  4. white glue (for the glitter)
  5. pencil
  6. baking paper or wax paper



Step 1: With the pencil draw the snowflake shape!


Step 2: Turn the baking paper to the other side and with the hot glue gun follow the lines you have just draw.


Step 3: Mix some white glue with some glitter and with the brush spread it over the snow lake surface.


Or put first the white glue and spread all over it the glitter.


Step 4: Shake it well to avoid the access glitter.


You can use it to decorate your Christmas tree, or a wrapped bottle like at the photo below…(this exact snowflake is painted with spray paint)


You can even glue them at the window putting some hot glue at the top and the center of each snowflake.


Thanks for stopping by!


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