DIY hot glue necklaces tutorials

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The last month of the year has already come! I´m wishing you happy month with this post of a set of 3 tutorials of how to make hot glue necklaces that look really sophisticated and I’m sure you´re gonna love! The first tutorial is about the gold necklaces you see at the photo below! It´s from a past post you´ll find here.

FotoJet Collage1

The materials are the same for almost all the necklaces. The only thing that changes is the design. I passed a whole week this summer trying to find out what shapes, colors and material work best.

Let´s start from the materials. The main material is the hot glue gun and tubes. Just make sure your glue gun is hot enough. If the hot glue makes strings as you work don´t worry that much. You can easily remove them when it´s dry. One last but very important information about hot glue is that it is preferable to make thick lines. Thin lines don´t work that good.

The second important material is the baking paper or wax paper. Searching on the internet you´ll find people creating with hot glue on flat shiny surfaces like marble, but all you need in fact is a flat surface to put on it a baking paper and that´s it. The hot glue can be easily removed from the baking paper surface without any effort and also you can draw with a pencil the shape of the necklace you wish and just follow the lines to create it.

FotoJet Collage33

The third and last main material is the paint. You can use from nail polish lacquer till acrylic or spray paint. While experimenting I found that the metallic colors work better at any form, but if want pink, blue or any other regular color then a good acrylic nail polish or a dark shiny spray paint will work best. Also the spray paint dries more quick than the nail polish lacquer, that needs some hours to completely dry. The necklace of the photo below is painted with a black and a gold nail polish lacquer!

FotoJet Collage5

About the shape I can say that for me the bigger projects had better results. I tried to make some small pieces, but the result wasn´t that attractive. Maybe because my hot glue gun is a simple one and didn´t cost me that much money. I´ve heard about hot glue guns that cost 20 or 30 euros, that melt the glue quicker and pour out the amount of glue you wish so you can be more specific with what you create, but I´ve never tried one of these!

Now that you are informed of everything around hot glue necklaces let´s make some!

As I mentioned before at a past post I created the two really modern and elegant gold necklaces you see at the photos above. The tutorial is here.

The second tutorial is about the black necklace of the below collage.

FotoJet Collage6


Step 1: With a pencil draw 6 triangles the one next to the other. The triangles don’t have to be all at the same size.


Step 2: Turn the baking paper to the other side an with the glue gun follow the lines.


Step 3: Fill the spaces between the lines with more lines. When your satisfied with the result let it dry completely.  It dries in a few seconds.


Step 4: Remove it from the baking paper.


Step 5: Paint it with nail polish or with spray paint.


Step 6: Adjust a black ribbon at each side and your done!8



The third and last tutorial is about the pearl necklace of the below photo.



Step 1: Put the baking paper at a flat surface and try making drops with the hot glue gun without moving it.. To finish the drop and avoid “strings” twirl the glue gun in a small spiral when you lift it off the drop. Don’t worry if you get glue strings, you can pull them off easily later. Put the drops one next the other living a small space between them. Make many different sizes!


Step 2: Put them aside some minutes to dry. As they dry they get whiter. For example, at this photo, the pearls above are already dry, but those that are at the bottom are not yet dry, as they are transparent and shiny!


Step 3: Paint them with nail polish and put them aside for some hours to dry completely.


Step 5: Now put some hot glue on the baking paper and put on top of it the dried painted pearls. Continue gluing…..till you have the shape of a half moon!!!FotoJet Collage.jpg

Step 6: Now with the glue gun create two holes at the top of each side and adjust the chain.




I hope you found those 3 tutorials interesting and the information useful!

Thanks for stopping by!

Haaaasta luego!


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