Crochet floral headband pattern

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Hello everyone! I know you might think that the post is off-season, but that´s me! I usually make things when I like and feel it! Almost a month till Christmas and I made this wonderful floral spring headband to show you!

The  inspiration came a week ago while I was thinking about the perfect gift for the birthday of my dance teacher. I don´t know if I´ve mentioned before but I´m learning polinisian dances lately. So, I thought the perfect gift must combine flowers and crochet together aaand that´s the result!

Let´s start:


  1. green yarn
  2. beige yarn
  3. crochet hook 2.5mm
  4. scissors



Step 1: With the hook and the green yarn chain 10.


Step 2: Let’s make the first leaf! Slip stitch to the last 4 stitches.


Turn. Slst to the next st, dc to the next 2sts and slst to the last one.


Turn. Slst to the next 4 sts. That’s it!


Step 3: Now repeat the steps 10 more times.


Step 4: Chain 120. Sc to the last 100 sts.


Turn. Chain 1 and sc till the end!


Step 5: Chain 14.


Step 6: Create a leaf like we did before (step 2).


Step 7: Repeat chaining 10 and make a leaf 10 more times and at the end chain 8! Your green leaf base is ready!


Step 8: Make a simple flower with the same hook and the beige cotton yarn. Chain 5 and slst to the first stich to form a ring. Chain 2, work in the ring making 1hdc, 2dc, 1hdc, slst . Repeat 3 more times. Your simple flower is ready! Adjust it with a slst at the begin of the green single crochets!


Step 9: Make more flowers with the same procedure moving from one to the other making slsts like at the photo.


The flowers must have a small distance between them of about 1 or 1.5 inches! Cover this way all the green single crochet surface!


Step 10: Make two more flowers and sew them at the ends of the headband!

FotoJet Collage 1

Your elegant headband is ready!

FotoJet Collage2.jpg

Thanks for stopping by!

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