How to make a dried orange wall hanging

FotoJet Collage4

At a previous post I showed you how to make lemon potpourri roses! It was still summer then…..! Now that the winter is so close, at home we started drinking again fresh orange juice every morning. SoI had to figure out what to do with all these orange peels that I didn´t want to throw at the garbage. As always pinterest gave me the most useful ideas and today I´m gonna show you how to make a wall hanging with dried orange peels! I mentioned at first the lemon potpourri post, because I´m gonna use the same procedure to make the dried orange roses! Let´s start!


  1. orange peels
  2. two bamboo sicks
  3. cotton yarn
  4. scissors
  5. knife
  6. cinnamon sticks



Step 1: Prepare your dried orange peels some days ago. They needed from 1 to 3 or 4 days to completely dry outside of kitchen window!

For the orange peel flowers follow these steps:

FotoJet Collage1

For the orange peel roses follow these steps:

FotoJet Collage

For the orange peel corner slices follow these steps:

FotoJet Collage2

Step 2: When your dried oranges are completely dry take the bamboo sticks, the cinnamon sticks and the cotton yarn and follow the following steps.

FotoJet Collage3

Just play with the yarn strings, the cinnamon sticks and the dried orange peels!!! At the end you will have a beautiful wall hanging that smells wonderfully! I hanged it on my kitchen wall, but I think it would also be great at a balcony wall or just hanging from a tree branch!!!

Thanks for stopping buy!

Hasta luego!


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