How to make mini knitting earrings

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Hello everyone! New week, new month… what about one more easy new idea? For those who love knitting or those who love been creative, I have one fresh jewelry idea! Mini knitting earrings!!! I had a lot of google search before making them, because everything I found was made with wool yarn, making a “strange” knot with it and I admit I´m not good at making macrame knots at all!! So I had to figure out a new technique.

But then I had to solve one big problem.. How can I make it circular??? Mmmm how? Well, at first i tried to make multiple knots, one over the other, with the wool, but the result was a complete disaster. The truth is that I needed something as a base to yarn the wool over it and make it look like a ball. So, I remembered I had somewhere some beads with holes from an old bracelet I owned years ago. But noooo! A new problem came out. The bead is just perfect and looks like a ball, as I wanted, but the wool barely passes through the hole. So, I  changed the wool with a regular thread and YES YES YES  I finally made it!!!

Here is the easy procedure you have to follow to make those cute mini knitting earrings! Let´s start!


  1. needle
  2. thread
  3. a pair of earring blank bases
  4. 4 mini needles (I used those we find when we buy a new men´s shirt.) Ofcourse you can find them also at craft stores, ebay, amazon etc.
  5. stronge glue or hot glue
  6. a pair of medium size beads with holes



Step 1: Cut a long thread and pull it through a needle and make a knot at the end of it.. The thread has to be double.


Step 2: Pass the needle through the bead and the loop at the end of the tread.


Pull it carefully till the end.


Repeat as many times as needed….


…till you cover the hole bead with the thread.


Step 3: You will feel at the end that it will be more difficult to pass the needle through the bead. Well, to finish it just cut the access thread.


Step 4: Glue the thread ball on a blank earring base.


Repeat the same procedure to make a pair of earrings.


The color possibilities are endless.


Thanks for stopping by!


Photo step by step procedure:

FotoJet Collage1


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