How to make geometrical popsicle stick bracelets

FotoJet Collage2

There are sooo many ideas of creating jewelry using simple materials, that sometimes i think i don´t have that much time to give a try to all of them. But when I saw the popsicle stick bracelets I left aside my crochet projects and made a tutorial immediately! Let´s start!


  1. popsicle sticks
  2. boiling water
  3. embroider thread
  4. white glue
  5. glitter
  6. gold paint pen or gold paint spray
  7. scissors
  8. paper tape



Step 1: First of all you have to boil the popsicle sticks for about an hour.


Step 2: After an hour in the boiling water the popsicle sticks now are flexible. Bent and put them in a cup or in a small jar and let them dry completely. That means to place them 24 hours in a warm place at winter or in a sunny corner at summer.


I put them aside to dry only 12 hours because i didn´t want them to bent too much. You can see the result at the photo below.


Step 3: Cut 1 cm of each side.


Step 4: With the help of a knife open a hole at each side, about 1 cm from each end.


Step 5: Cut two yarns of 16 cm each. Fold the yarn and pull the two end trough the hole. Now put the loop that has created below the popsicle and insert in it the two ends of the yarn as you see at the photo.


Step 6: You can leave it as it is or you can paint it. I chose to paint it with geometrical shapes. Cut thin paper tape pieces and put them horizontally at the surface of the popsicle stick leaving a space of 1 cm between them. Paint the space between the paper tape gold with a painting pen.


Remove the tape and here you are! Your popsicle stick bracelet is ready!


Here is an other one popsicle stick bracelet I made to match it with the first one. For this one I used gold nail polish lacquer and hole reinforcements.


Tip: If you want them smaller you can cut one popsicle stick in two pieces and make two bracelets! Decorate them with glittery triangles and circles to make them look more shinny!


Thanks for stopping by!



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