Paper roll pillow boxes

FotoJet Collage10

These pretty paper roll pillow boxes are very easy to make and are perfect for every occasion for gifting small items such as jewelry. So cute, that at the end you´ll seriously think of keeping them instead of putting gifts inside and give them away!Let´s start!


  1. toilet paper rolls
  2. white glue
  3. hot glue gun and glue tubes
  4. twine or yarn
  5. spray paint

Photo step by step procedure:

Before decorating the pillow boxes you have to make them! The procedure is easy! First of all you have to flat the paper rolls pushing them down with your hand. Then fold the end of the boxes toward the center and also fold the opposite side so it overlaps a little. Repeat on the opposite side of the rolls. The rest is just decoration!

You can use the hot glue gun to write a small word on the box surface and then paint it at any color you wish!

FotoJet Collage2

For the following pillow box the only things you need is some big and small paper circles and a piece of twine.

FotoJet Collage1

If you love lace as I do them wrap around the pillow box a gold lace and make it look more glamours adding a pearl at the center.

FotoJet Collage

Simple materials we all have at home can really make the difference!

FotoJet Collage3


FotoJet Collage4

Thanks for stopping by!


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