How to make a paper roll lamp lantern

FotoJet Collage

Hello everyone!

I was making some space at the toilet´s drawer a week ago and I discovered a tonne of paper rolls. The bad habit of keeping everything sometimes annoys me, so I decided to make something with them or… throw them to the recycling bin. After a lot of pinterest searching, I turned them to a wonderful lamp that now decorates my living room. Take a look!


  1. 4-5 paper rolls
  2. white glue
  3. clothespins
  4. baking paper
  5. gold spray paint
  6. scissors



Step 1: Push down the toilet paper rolls with your hand to flatten them a little bit. Cut the toilet paper into pieces. Each piece is about 1 cm. As a total you will need 4,5 paper rolls to make this lantern.

FotoJet Collage12

Step 2: Put some white glue at the end of one of the sides of the roll pieces. Join two pieces together as you see at the photo and put a clothespin at this place till the glue is totally dry. Keep gluing till you have an amount of 32 pairs of paper roll pieces.

FotoJet Collage 2

Step 3: Now join two pairs together and glue them with the same procedure. The result with look like a circle.


Step 4: By gluing 6 circles together (3 on the first row and 3 more under it) you will have the front side of your lantern. Repeat one more time and you will have and your back side ready.


To make the right side of the lantern glue 2 circles together. Repeat one more time to make the left side.


After so much gluing you will have at the end 2 bigger pieces of 6 circles and 2 smaller of 2 circles each one.


Step 5: With the hot glue join and glue all pieces together as shown at the picture and paint it gold with the spray paint.


Step 6: Now measure the inside length and high of each side and cut the baking paper at that measurements adding one more cm at the length of each piece. Glue the baking paper putting them (big-small-big-small) till you make a perfect rectangle that can fit inside your lantern. Put the rectangular baking paper inside the lantern and cut the access paper of the top. Glue it at the middle and top of each circle as at the photo. It will take a couple of hours till completely dry the glue.FotoJet Collage3

Step 7: Put inside two candles and light them up.


It creates a soft light!


Also perfect as a side bed lamp!


Thanks for stopping by!!!


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