How to make Hula Flower Hair Clips

FotoJet Collage 2

This September I was dancing a Hawaiian Dance at the “Hula Rock Party 2015” at Alicante of Spain! We had to wear only a pareo and a big hula flower on hair. As you understand when Laura (the teacher) asked who is gonna make the flowers I had already the plan in my head…! Of course this hair clip design is not only for dancing hula dance or vising Hawaii, but is the ultimate summer beach accessory! Let´s start creating it!


  1. White foam
  2. Pen
  3. Scissors
  4. Hot glue tubes and hot glue gun
  5. Big hair clips
  6. Iron
  7. Yellow tempera
  8. Orange tempera
  9. Small brush



Step 1: First of all we have to draw the petal of the flower. The one i drew at this photo is about 2,5cm wide and 3,5cm long.


Cut the petal carefully.


We don´t have to draw each petal separately. We only need one! That one petal we can use it as a guide to cut the rest of the petals. With that procedure we don’t have to waist a lot of time and also we can have as many identical petals we want.


I usually use 6 petals but at the end I added one more cause i wanted the flower to be a little bigger!


Step 2: Light the iron on to high temperature but with NO steam.


When temperature reaches high, turn off the iron. Now press the iron on the petal for about 3 seconds.


You will see that the petal automatically turn inside.


Repeat for the petals so they can all have the same curve!


Turn the petal and press it with your finger at the left side.


Now press it some more with the iron that is still warm.


Press it again with your finger and you will see at the end that it will have that shape.


Repeat for all the petals.


Step 3: Put some hot glue to the wright side of the petal….


…and join the petals.


Glue all the petals and your flower now is almost ready!


Step 4: Add some hot glue at the bottom of the flower and press it hard on top of a clip.KOOIGL1444736658

Step 5: With the yellow tempera paint the center of the flowers and the banded part of the petals.


With the orange tempera paint now the center of the flower and let it dry.


Your hula hair clips are ready!


FotoJet Collage 1


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