Recycled Bracelet Stand

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One of the reasons i don´t usually wear jewelry, is because i forget i own some. As I keep them in boxes and drawers, I don´t see them so I don´t wear them…! That´s why I´m planning to organize my jewelry in a way that I can have them in front of me while I´m dressing up. I started with a bracelet stand and now I´m planning creating an earring display. Let´s start with the gold and beige bracelet stand! It is really easy to make it and the result, as you can see, doesn´t look cheap at all.


  1. Big paper roll (not the small one of the toilet paper but the big one of the kitchen paper)
  2. Cardboard 20cm x 12cm
  3. 4 cardboars 16cm x 5cm
  4. Mod podge or 2/3 white glue and 1/3 water
  5. Hot glue gun and hot glue tubes
  6. Small brush
  7. Spray paint (gold)
  8. Beige cotton yarn
  9. 2 sheets of kitchen paper
  10. Exact cutter



Step 1: Put the bottom of the paper roll over the edge of the 16×5 cardboard and draw the half of the perimeter. With the exact cutter, cut the drawn half perimeter as you see below.

FotoJet Collage1

Now use that first cardboard as a guide to cut the other three and make all of them have the same shape.

FotoJet Collage2

Step 2: Put the one cardboard on top of the other and glue them putting white glue between each layer and push hard.

FotoJet Collage3

 Step 3: Put it on top of a big paper sheet and wrap it around with it.

FotoJet Collage4

Now mix 2 parts of white glue with 1 part of water and with a brush put it on the wrapped cardboards. Put it aside for some hours to dry completely.

FotoJet Collage5

Step 4: Repeat the same procedure (wrap it with paper and secure it with water and glue) for the paper roll and put it also aside to dry. I forgot to take a photo of the wrapped paper roll with the water-glue on top….. Excuse meeeee!!!

Step 5: While the wrapped cardboards and the wrapped kitchen paper roll are drying let´s make the base. Put a good amount of white glue on top of the 20×12 cm cardboard and glue on top of it the beige cotton yarn as you see at the photo below. Leave at the middle an open space, that will fit the 16x5cm cardboard. When you’re finished put with the brush some water-glue (2 parts white glue and 1 part water) on top to secure it and put it aside some hours to completely dry.

FotoJet Collage6

Step 6: Paint the paper roll and the 16x5cm cardboard gold.


Step 7: Put some hot glue to the two edges of the 16x5cm cardboard and glue the three pieces as you see at photo.

FotoJet Collage7

Ready to use it!


Thanks for stopping by!!!



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