Glitter sea shell necklace


Summer has passed, even if i can´t accept it yet, and i still haven´t used all the sea shells i found while i was walking on the beach. As you can see at one of my past posts I used some to decorate a few wrapped bottles. I also put some in the decorative glass jar of my living room and now I´m gonna saw you how I turned two of them to silver and gold glitter necklaces.


  1. 2 sea shells
  2. white glue
  3. brush
  4. silver and gold glitter
  5. beige cotton yarn



Step 1: Put some white glue at the inside side of the shell and with a brush spread the glue to all the surface. Repeat the same with the other sea shell.

FotoJet Collage3

Step 2:

Now put a small amount of gold glitter on top the glue of the first shell. Shake the shell so that the glitter can glue through all the surface and pour out the amount that is not needed any more. Do the same with the other shell but this time instead of gold use silver glitter. Put them aside for half an hour to dry.

FotoJet Collage2

Step 3:

Put on top of the glitter some glue again and with the brush spread it through all the glittered surface.

FotoJet Collage5

About 8 hours later and completely dry it will look like that.


Step 4: Pass the two ends of the beige yarn through the hole of the sea shell and pass the loop as you see at photo. Make a knot at the end of the yarn.

FotoJet Collage7

You´re glamorous glitter necklaces are ready! Thanks for stopping by!



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