Clothespin spring necklace

FotoJet Collage

Every time I broke a clothespin I got frustrated, till i discovered, I can turn them to ……. jewelry!!! Us everyone knows i love re-purposing almost everything. So let´s see step by step how can we can reuse the clothespin wire springs!


  1. 2 clothespin wire springs
  2. double chain or cord
  3. scissors (optional)
  4. 3 colorful hole beads



Step 1: Twist a clothespin apart to free the wire spring and with the help of a scissors or with your fingers stretch apart the wire ends.


Step 2: Slip on a large-hole bead, and let the wires snap back into place. 


Repeat the same for the second wire spring, but now use to beads instead of one.


Step 3: Pass the shorter of the two chains through the one beaded wire hole.


And the longer through the the wire with the two beads.


Ready to wear it!!!


Step by step photo procedure:

BeFunky Collage


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