Lemon rose potpourri

FotoJet Collage

Potpourri has a warm, inviting fragrance that suits almost any room in your home. You can easily make potpourri with only natural ingredients. Some of the most appealing ingredients for potpourri include citrus slices from fruits, like orange, lemon, lime or grapefruit. At this tutorial you will see how you can make dried lemon “rose” potpourri.


  1. Lemon
  2. Yarn
  3. knife



Step 1: Cut the lemon in half. Don’t waste the lemon juice! Put it in your tea or soup! Just be careful not to break the peel.


Step 2: With the help of a knife find the space that separates the peel and the yellow juicy lemon part. It´s easy to find that part because it white and soft.


Peel the whole lemon!1MsTTZ1443713396

Step 3: Grab the soft inside part of the lemon with your hand and pull it out.


Also cut with the knife the white string that is left at the center.


Step 4: Now cut the peel of the lemon making a spiral!


Stop before the hard part at the bottom of the lemon. We don´t need it!zyqEbR1443713448

The spiral as you see has to be a little thick. It helps that way not to brake easily.


Step 5: With your knife cut the white soft part of the peel.At this step you have to be careful because it easy to cut the yellow part and we don´t want that to happen!


Step 6: Create a rose shape with your lemon peel, as you see at the photo below!


At the end it will look like that!hTBMgk1443713493

Step 6: Cut two peaces of yarn and create a cross with them.


Put the lemon rose at the center.


Wrap the lemon rose around with the two yarns making a bow to keep it tight. Leave it outside for about two shinny days, to let it dry!


Make as many as you want and decorate your house with them!


Thanks for stopping by!


Step by step photo procedure:



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