Geometrical Rhinestone Nail Art Design

FotoJet Collage2

You´re bored or you don´t have the skills to create a difficult nail art design, but still you want to have your nails done? Don´t worry! There are millions of nail art designs out there, like this one, that are easy to be made and at the same time they look complicated and pretty!

At first I was lost searching on the internet for floral nail art designs and to be honest I wanted to make red roses… Buuuut, as always, I made something totally different. Let’s make an easy geometrical rhinestone nail art design!


  1. Light blue nail lacquer
  2. Nail top coat
  3. Black rhinestones
  4. Small black rhinestones
  5. Small silver rhinestones



Step 1: Apply the first layer of the light blue nail lacquer.


Apply the second layer!


Step 2: Now put some top coat to the base of each nail and put a black rhinestone on it.


Step 2: At this step take some black rhinestones at smaller size and glue them around the big black rhinestone as you see at the middle nail.


Repeat the same procedure with the silver rhinestones.


Repeat to all nails!


Step 3: Apply top coat and admire them!


Thanks for stopping by!



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