Decorate your house with Crepe Paper Flowers



  1. crepe paper at 4 different colors(or more)
  2. gold ribbon
  3. four wood branches
  4. scissors
  5. hot glue tubes (optional)
  6. hot glue gun (optional)


I could add at the supplies a vase or black canvas or even a flower pot, but I didn’t, because you can use the final product as you wish and at the last photos I’m only giving you some ideas about how I used them, but that’s up to you if you’re gonna do the same or not.


Step 1:

Take the crepe paper and cut about 15cm of it.


Step 2: Make the flower!

Find the middle of the crepe paper and start cutting the bended right side. Keep cutting from bottom to top. You have to cut the left bent side that now is at the middle! It’s easy, just follow the mark! Separate the two parts and put the one on top of the other. Cut at least 22cm of gold ribbon and put it under the crepe paper peace. Tie the ribbon around the paper. Tie it hard! Fold in half. Crease each petal separately with your hand.

BeFunky Collage

Your easy big flower is ready!


Step 3:

Use the gold ribbon to tie the flower on the wood branch.


Isn’t it beautiful?


Repeat the same procedure to make three more flowers in different colors.


Step 4:

Decorative solution number 1:

You can use those pop art flowers to decorate a big flower pot!


Decorative solution number 2: Put them in a vintage vase and decorate your balcony table!


Decorative solution number 3: Hot glue them on black boxes and hung them on your balcony wall!!!



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