Create Hot Glue Colorful Decorative Pearls


This idea come to my head when i had to choose if I´m gonna throw away or not a pearl necklace i bought a year ago, because i lost 3 of the center pearls. I could´t find that specific size of pearls so (as always) i said “Do It Yourself”! Lost in pinterest and diy-websights for days, i finally found that incredible idea!


  1. Baking paper
  2. hot glue gun
  3. hot glue tubes
  4. nail polish or eye shadow


I use the nail polish and the eye shadow to paint the pearls but you can paint them with spray color or acrylic paint. Whatever you prefer or have already at home!


Step 1: Make hot glue drops

If you haven’t tried making hot glue drops before, I must tell you that at first it seems difficult but with a little practice you can make it! Put the baking paper at a flat surface and try making a drop with the hot glue gun without moving it.. To finish the drop and avoid “strings” twirl the glue gun in a small spiral when you lift it off the drop. Don’t worry if you get glue strings, you can pull them off easily later.


Step 2: Make a lot…

Make a few drops of hot glue one next the other living a small space between them. You can make them any size you wish!2

Step 3: Let them dry

When you will have the quantity of pearls needed let them aside some minutes to dry. As they dry they get whiter. For example, at this photo, the pearls above are already dry, but those that are at the bottom are not yet dry, as they are transparent and shiny!


Step 4: Paint them with nail polish

Time for same painting! I prefer to paint them with with nail polish! I have many nail polish lacquers and i can make them any color I want! But also there are many other ways to paint your pearls! For example with spray color! Or you can turn them around and paint the flat bottom of the pearls with acrylic paint!



One more fun way to paint them is with eye shadow! Yes!!! Take some eye shadow with your finger and dab it on the surface of the pearls, but not too hard.

BeFunky Collage 2

I’ve read somewhere that you have to freeze the eye shadow painted pearls for an hour and let them again at room temperature for one more hour before use them. That’s supposed to help the eye shadow “sit” on the pearls! I haven’t tried it to be honest, but it seems it actually works!

Step by step photo procedure:


You can use the finish product to decorate your crafts. Even make jewelries with those wonderful pearls! Thanks for stopping by!


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