Hello world!


Hello everyone!!

I´m Maria and i´m a craft lover. I was born in Greece 29 years ago and i recently moved in Spain! I like doing a little bit of everything such as crocheting, knitting, nail art_ing, crafting, traveling, learning foreign languages and now blogging!!!

I have the bad habit of letting almost everything i do or like unfinished and that´s exactly why i created this blog. Not only i´m gonna finish my projects but i´m also gonna show you step by step the exact process, so you can enjoy it better or even do it by yourself if you like it so much.

If you are interested, feel free to ask me questions. I’d be glad to discuss with you. Thanks for stopping by.

Social Media Profiles:

YouTube-logo-full_color.pngPaso a Paso Nails

instagram-v051916_200 @paso_a_paso_crafts

instagram-v051916_200@paso _a_paso_nails

facebook-371641_960_720.pngPaso a Paso Crafts

facebook-371641_960_720.png Paso a Paso Nails


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